WordPress themes: Premium or Free

webtemplatereviewsWordPress is one of, if not the most popular publishing platforms online. At last count it was to power around 30% of all websites. That’s quite an achievement when we consider how many websites the internet has in total. One of the reasons for its popularity is the ease of theming the site. In some cases, just changing a theme can change the entire site without any need for changes from the user end. There are two types of themes, free and premium. Here we look at the benefits of using premium themes:


Premium themes are constantly updated by their designers. With WordPress updated regularly to patch security holes, it is important to have a theme which keeps up with those changes.


Premium themes are nowhere near as widespread as free themes. This way your site will be less recognizable to other sites. Some premium themes come with a lot of design options in the control panel that can give the site a unqiue look.

PRO: Documentation

Premium themes are properly documented. This makes it easier if you want customize the theme beyond what the designer makes possible from the control panel. The documentation covers everything from setup to where components are located in the code.

Attribution links

At the bottom of every WordPress theme is an attribution link to the designer. Premium themes give you the option of removing that link.  Many free themes do not allow this and in some cases the footer is encrypted to prevent changes.

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