Why You Need Search Engine Optimization

There are times when we need to convince our bosses that a certain investment will bear returns. SEO is one of those investments. Often, it is because very few people have any understanding of SEO. The general assumption is that it is a costly and time-consuming process that the company cannot afford. Here are some of the best reasons to convince others that SEO is a worthwhile endeavor:

Improve conversion rates

The easiest and most obvious way to explain that you need SEO is to show how you can easily improve conversions. For example, look at the keywords that give you decent conversions where you do not rank on the first page. Simply moving to the top of the first page will give you a massive increase in sales.


Most shoppers online run through a research cycle before purchasing anything. With proper SEO, you can attract potential buyers to your website during the research cycle. Target keywords that are high in traffic and likely to be part of the research phase and you have the potential increase sales without any increase in marketing costs.


Ask any business, and they will say that their website cost thousands of dollars to design and host. However, without proper SEO, the site is left to the whims of Google’s search algorithm. The company is losing potentially thousands of leads and sales. SEO can multiply the reach and impact of your website and get it in front of thousands of eyeballs.

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