What to consider when designing a web site?

Web design includes a wide range of fields including graphics design, interface design, authoring, search engine optimization and user experience design. In designing a web site there are several aspects that need attention in order to enhance the visitor experience. Here are few ideas to consider.

Page layout: Layout should be easier for the visitor to navigate and the same layout should be continued to all pages in order to avoid any confusion and ease of navigation. The first page should contain all buttons that is needed to navigate the entire site.

Visual Design: Visual design should be appropriate for the target audience. Children web sites should be fun to navigate while business sites should display professionalism.

Typography: A complex combination of typefaces could detract the visitor. Therefore, it should be coherent and should not deviate from the main theme.

Code: It is always a good practice follow web design standards. There are no laws that say a design need to conform to any standard. However, it makes easier for the visitor who may have visited thousands of other sites to navigate your site if it conforms to widely accepted standards that is familiar to the user.

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