UX Mistakes You Need to Avoid

When it comes to UX, everyone knows that CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) plays a huge role. But as it turns out, many companies are making simple mistakes that costing them a lot of business. In 2014, make it a priority to address the following mistakes and you’ll see better CRO for it.

Everyone loves the idea of a wunderkind that can come in, use some cool growth hacks and cutting edge technology and walk away with your company better off for it. The problem, however, is that they eventually walk away, leaving you with a bunch of fancy schemes you know nothing about. Going forward, make sure your staff learns from the master so you can continue to succeed without them.

Don’t frown on short term gains. When it comes to CRO, people are right to think of the long game. Unfortunately, they often do it at the expense of immediate gains. This flies in the face of conventional wisdom, but as it turns out those short term gains are where your long term success come from. In the future, focus on using those gains to get your visitors to that thing that separates you from all the competitors out there.

Treat all your visitors the same. This often sounds good, but we ditch it the moment we start looking at CRO stats and seeing the type of people who convert the most. It’s not that you need to have the exact same experience set up for each. It’s that you need to understand both represent a conversion and setting up channels that make this easier.

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