Tracking conversions properly

The goal of SEO is more than just driving more traffic to your pages. You need to drive the right traffic, that converts at the right rates. Seeing traffic go up is not enough, you need to track and analyze the behavior beyond that point. Here is how you can track your conversions like a professional:


Using Google Analytics, track conversions to a particular destination page. Common uses of this tracking is to track “Thank You” pages for submissions and sign-ups. It is the most basic form of tracking and also one of the most effective. You can also track user-generated content and see how well that generates revenue.


Some sites look for a correlation between the time a user spends on a site and the percentage of those users going on to become customers. Analytics tools will let you track conversions and see the average time spent on site. There are sweet spots where visitors that spend a certain amount of time on site will produce a higher percentage of sales.


With this technique you track the number of pages per visit. Just like form of tracking we talked about above, we are looking at understanding what metric we can use to judge user engagement. You can also do a deep-dive into the actual pages that visitors spend time on and use those as an example for future content.

Knowing what drives sales will help your marketing, SEO and content creation efforts.

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