Three ways to improve site loading speeds

Back in 2010, then head of Google’s webspam team Matt Cutts finally revealed that site loading speed had been made a ranking factor. Sadly, we still experience loading websites that are slow and take forever to load. You can avoid that fate for your website by taking one or all of the following steps:

Better hosting

This is one that has the most immediate impact. This improves loading speed not only because a better host will give you better bandwidth, but also because of faster servers and storage. Pages will render faster because the backend databases will serve the data faster. There are websites that rate hosts and each of their packages by loading speeds that can be used to decide where to go.

Using a CDN

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) can be used to host some or all of your static files. This is mostly used for images. There will be special URL given that can be used for these files. When the visitor requests the file, it will be served from the closest server on the internet to that end user. The same goes when Google spiders the page or tests the site speed, the closest server will provide the files.

Optimizing images and pages

This is another step that can be taken immediately. Break up overly long pages into multi-page articles. The same goes for image galleries. Do not try to put 60 images on one page when you can have six pages of ten images each. Finally, make sure to optimize the sizes of the images before upload.


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