The advantages of using Network Solutions to register your domains

webtemplatereviewsNetwork solutions is probably one of the oldest consumer internet companies in existence. At one point, it was the only place you could buy domain names online. Although known mostly for as a domain registrar, they actually provide wide breadth of services.

There are a lot of new, much cheaper fly-by-night domain registrars around. Unfortunately we don’t know if they will be around in the next five to ten years.

Here are two advantages of using network solutions as your domain name registrar:


Their main claim to fame is that they have been around for decades. The company was founded in 1979 and is stronger and bigger than ever. Although this might not seem like an advantage to some, it speaks to their stability as an organization. Your domain name is your address in the online world. That address is backed by an infrastructure and part of that is run by your registrar. There are plenty of domain registration companies that are cheaper, but would you entrust your primary address in the online world to newer and less stable companies?

Customer support

In the world of domain registrars, customer service can be extremely frustrating. Not so with Network solutions. They have the now standard phone, email and chat customer service options. In addition you can also setup an appointment where they will call you. This avoids long wait times on the phone or on chat during busier times.

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