Launching a Site After Redesign

After a few years after it’s been up and running, most sites would be subject to a complete redesign at some point. Taking actions in an orderly manner and having a checklist might be one of the most effective ways to ensure a smooth launch after a redesign. Basically the steps mentioned below might come handy for almost any website redesign.

Uploading the Site

This is the opportunity to carry out test on your existing site and to study hosting options. The new site should initially be set up either as a new account or an add-on domain should you wish to stay with your current hosting provider. This will allow for testing on the same hosting environment where the site will be live.

Setting up Redirects

The way the redirect is set up often depends on the hosting provider. However, there are two groups of pages that would essentially need to be redirected before the site is pushed live. These are pages with links and pages with incoming traffic. The old pages would need to be appropriately mapped on the new site to ensure that traffic lands exactly where it is supposed to land.

Deploy and Test

The deploy and testing phase encompasses three main aspects. Namely replacing the site, checking the host or domain and working with a new host. A full backup is crucial before replacing the site, all files would then need to be deleted from the remote server and the new site files uploaded. The system can then be crawled and tested various times to eliminate errors.

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