How Your Users’ Think When Using a Website

If you want to understand how to design a website effectively, the first thing you need to do is understand your users well. It must be pointed out that a user’s habits over the internet isn’t very different from one in a store.

For the most part, they’re looking for something interesting while ignoring large parts of the page they are looking at.

However, there are reasons why they hit the Back button or hit right-click and in understanding how they think can help you achieve more of the latter rather than the former. Here are 3 of them:

#1: Quality and Credibility Matters More

High-quality content matters a lot and users are willing to overlook design issues as well as advertisements if the content meets their expectations. It’s not uncommon to see that sites with high-quality content but not necessarily aesthetically pleasing tend to draw a lot of traffic over the years.


#2: Users are focused on instant gratification, very impatient

If a web designer is not able to create a site that meets users’ needs, then this can cause the company to lose a lot of money. This is for the reason that they will look for other alternatives especially if the cognitive load is too high while navigation isn’t as intuitive as they’d like.

#3: Users want Control

When users are going through a page, they want to have control over what they are seeing. This is why they will not like new windows popping up as well as facing difficulty in navigating back to where they came from. Most importantly, they rely on consistent data presentation throughout the site.

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