How to optimize images for a WordPress blog

webtemplatereviewsImages, and Google image search are both very good sources of traffic for a lot of bloggers. It starts with a visitor looking for an image and then ending up on the blog. This is where image optimization comes in. When properly optimized your images will appear in Google image search and might even rank higher. In addition your site will also load faster. Here are four of the most important image related optimizations:


One of the biggest mistakes by webmasters online is that they upload images with the existing filename intact. Sometimes this can even be the filename set by the camera. Image crawlers look at the images, but also at the image names. Use keywords that you expect someone would use when searching for the product and name the image.

Alt tags

Another important but often ignored optimization is the alt tag. Use the alt tag to give a proper title and description for the image. Avoid stuffing keywords in and be sure to include any special numbers of codes that might be descriptive of the product.

Different angles

Providing images from multiple angles is a new strategy used by online shopping sites. Even these angles should be given the same filename and alt tags as the above but with the added bits.


Do not just upload images. Use a tool to optimize the file size and dimensions to minimize file size. Images can be large if not checked and that can have adverse effects on page loads. For example discovered that they could $1billion in sales if the site took one second longer to load.

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