Designing a Fast Responding Page

Responsive design is a complete must for any modern website. The rise of mobile devices has contributed in accentuating the need for responsive websites. However, a responsive website is not easy to get right. There are a lot of factors to consider. Here are a few elements that are almost considered crucial:

Adapts to each screen size

This is fairly straight forward. Everyone knows that responsive design means that the site should load correctly, whatever the screen size. This means that instead of specifying pixels, percentages should be used. A percentage will still represent the same proportion on a smaller screen.

Retina compatible images

Since the original Retina compatible iPhone, a lot of constructors have started to build similar technologies. This means that a responsive website should be able to use Retina compatible images. However, these images can be quite heavy and therefore slow down the website. There are some solutions that change the image based on the device. These solutions are a better as they waste less bandwidth, effectively making the website load faster.

Good usability

Desktop websites are big compared to what is seen on a phone screen. It makes sense to have different interaction items for each display. While it’s great to have a button on the top left of the desktop website, the same location on the phone might be a hard to reach spot. Therefore, it is important to use different menu placements depending on screen sizes. A lot of plugins help in that aspect.

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