Boost under performing content

webtemplatereviewsHave you heard of the 80/20 rule?

Just as it does to many other things, it also applies to website traffic. Most webmasters will tell you that the majority of their traffic comes from just a handful of pages.

A lot of websites have amazing content that is underperforming the rest of the site and even the competition in search results. Most websites will have a decent amount content that doesn’t give them a lot of traffic, generally placed on page two or page three of search results.

Here is a single three step method you can use to find and improve the traffic from this low hanging fruit:

Step 1 – Find the low hanging fruit

One of the easiest ways to find low hanging fruit is to use the search console. Locate “search analytics” and order by Position. From here you can find anything ranked in the 10 to 25 positions. These are your low hanging fruit. Choose one of these pages/keywords for your first test.

Step 2- Increase links

A simple and effective method of building backlinks is to use internal links. We will use these to boost the rankings of the keyword selected from step one. Use Google to do a domain specific search along with the keywords you’re targeting and use text from those pages to send internal links to your low hanging fruit.

Step 3 – Track & Repeat

Now track any change in position and traffic for the pages that you optimized. If you see any positive results you can then apply this to the rest of the pages that ranked in the 10 to 25 range.

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