A Beginner’s Guide to Building a Website

Whether you are attempting to build a website for the first time, or you have had experience in doing so earlier, there are certain elementary steps that one needs to take into account when doing so. Here are some steps that are followed by professionals and amateurs alike when it comes to building a website:

Step 1: Pick a domain name

Professionals suggest that picking a domain name should be based on three factors: memorable, appealing and relevant to the subject matter being posted.

Step 2: Plan your website

This part involves using mind maps or flow charts in order to decide what information you need to place on your website. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Step 3: Pick a site builder program

One does not need to know HTML in order to build a website these days as web site builder programs can help you build one in a matter of a few clicks. The top five website builders are Yahoo Site Solution, Web.com, Homestead Quick Sites, GoDaddy.com and Site Build It. Find out which one works best for you and go ahead.

Step 4: Build the website

Use the tutorials, samples and videos to give you a better picture of what you want, and then pick the most suitable template you can find to build your website. After which, you can also add the content prepared in Step 2 to complete the website.

Step 5: Market the website

Self-promotion is the key when it comes to the internet. Social bookmarking, social networking and advertising campaigns can work very well to promote your website, and bring in traffic.

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