5 Steps to Getting Started With Responsive Design For Your Website

Only about 18.7 percent out of 10,000 websites have responsive design. This simply means that your website will look good when viewed from all types of devices. This is very necessary as more and mobile users access sites and might be put off with what they find.

The biggest advantage with responsive design is that they get a higher ranking with Google and Bing.

Here are 4 steps to getting started with responsive design for your website:

1: Check your website

First, check if your website uses responsive design or not. Tools that come to mind include Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test and Responsive Design Checker. If your website passes the checks that these tools run, then you can relax. Or else, you have to upgrade.

webtemplatesreview2: Learn more about your current design

Your next step is to understand your current design. This is because you’ll never understand how to upgrade your site not unless you know what methods were used to design it. For example, WordPress-based solutions will only work on WordPress sites and not on other platforms. You can use a tool called Built With for this.

3: Buy a website theme

A website theme allows you to change the appearance of your website. You can either find some on WordPress platforms or even sites such as Themeforest or Entheos. One reason to do this is because you can select a theme that offers responsive design.

4: Purchase plug-ins

Instead of spending too much time on website redesign, you can pick a plug-in. Of course, not every website will have it but you have to check for it first. The only thing with this option is that it might not have as many features as themes do.

5: Pick a new website template

If you don’t like the appearance of your website and cannot change it either, it’s best to buy a new one. Yes, you can purchase responsive design templates from Webflow and TemplateMonster. Be advised that you’ll need coding and development knowledge for this.

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