5 Questions Every Web Designer Must Ask Before Starting a Project

As a rookie web design, there might be a number of designs, fonts and the like that you might have to offer your client but a large part of why a project is successful is knowing what the client’s needs are.

So, keeping this in mind, here are 5 questions every web designer must ask before starting a project:

#1: What are your goals?

This is probably the most important question that you must ask your client. If you understand what the business is or why it started as well as what they intend to achieve, that tells you a lot about how you can position it for their customers. Instead of telling them what to do, just listen.

#2: How do you want to be perceived?

This is the next question that must be asked along with understanding what their goals and purpose is. This question helps you uncover what your client want their customer to feel about them – and then create a design around it.

#3: Who’s your ideal customer?

One of the best ways to identify what your client needs is by asking them to describe a single person as their ideal customer. Once we understand the customer and how they think, it’s not difficult to cater to their needs after that. Simplicity and being specific is paramount here!

#4: How do you want to emotionally connect with your customers?

This question will use the answers from the previous question and turn it into something tangible and useful in the process. Keeping everything that you’ve learned, creating good design should evoke the right kind of emotion and this in turn, depends on what your client’s customer find ‘beautiful’.

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