4 Things to Consider When Working With Web Animation

Web animation has come a long way. Instead of using it with caution, designers focus on using it at all times.


This can, to a certain extent, lead to animation abuse. So, to prevent this, here are 4 things to consider when working with animation:


1: Animate With The User Experience In Mind

Decision makers consider animation nice to have. But this isn’t the right approach. Don’t add it on at the end of a project. Animate with the user experience in mind. If you cannot think about how to use animation with purpose, then it’s best not to use it at all.


2: Twelve Principles of Animation is Only a Starting Point

It’s good to use principles from other industries to look at our work in a new light. In particular, the Twelve Principles of Animation created by Disney Studio veterans.


While they shed light on animation, it still ignores the greater interactive experience involved. In other words, they’re good to use as a start but there’s a lot more to learn.


3: Has to Be Useful and Necessary

Aesthetics are important. Yet the user’s experience counts for much more. This is where one’s focus should be on first. In other words, animation should be useful and necessary. After that, you can create it making it as beautiful as possible.


4: Reduce duration by 25%

Your animation should run for 25% of the time you envisioned it. When developing animation, our sense of time can diminish. What we consider to be short is something that can frustrate users. So, make sure you reduce the animation time to a quarter of their original speed.


Link: http://24ways.org/2014/five-ways-to-animate-responsibly/

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