3 Web Mistakes That Prevent You From Building Your Brand

If you feel money strapped as an entrepreneur, then building your own website might seem like a good idea. But design for your business is vital because visitors to your website judge the smallest details before spending their money.

Indeed, it’s these tiny details that will make the difference in whether they trust your business or not.

Here are 3 web design mistakes that prevent you from building your brand:

web templeteviews1: Using Dark Backgrounds

Since background color consists of the largest part of your site, you should choose it very carefully. As a rule, sites with black never look good and which is why white is a safer choice. Light gray is also a common color that is used by many designers for this reason too. No matter what keep the design light – dark background should be avoided at all costs.

2: Improper Use of Templates

Large businesses might not use templates for their website but this will be noticeable with smaller businesses. Using these pre-designed websites can clearly indicate a poor visual connection between your logo and the rest of the site. Either colors or fonts will not fit in well with others on the site. It is recommended that you find a web designer who can customize the template.

3: Unprofessional Copy

It’s not easy to write well and get your point across over the Internet. This is twice as necessary if you’ve got something to sell over the internet. Two things have to be considered: proofread for spelling mistakes but most importantly ensure your copy is easy to understand. Better still have someone read all text on your site before it goes live.

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