3 Tips For A Smarter Design Process

There are a number of reasons why the position of a UX Designer can turn out to feel unfulfilling.

Probably, it is because you face a lot of resistance or even the fact that you work in a non-creative environment. It could also be that you are working on the same type of project every day.

Here are 3 tips for a smarter design process:

webtemplatereviews1: Define the Problem Clearly

Most designers assume that they know what the problem is. Yet what you define as the problem is merely a symptom of the real problem. How you will know that you have found the real problem is when the solution begins eliminate all the other smaller issues that come with it too. In fact, even before you go about designing a product, think about whether you are designing the correct product in the first place.

2: Understand The User As You Do Yourself

While some people think that they can design a product for everybody yet you cannot develop meaningful use cases if you don’t target a particular audience with your product. You won’t even know what the minimum viable product is nor will you be able create a strategic product plan either. So, conduct user research, create personas and begin to map out user scenarios as well. Just about anything that helps you to understand the user better is an excellent investment of time.

3: Think About Extreme Solutions, When Necessary

If you want to have fun with designing, you have to go off the deep end once in a while. It’s an excellent opportunity to think big. Also, it is an excellent way to break conventions. Yes, think unconventionally, if you will. An example like Duolingo shows you how unconventional thinking can still turn out to be a valuable product. In fact, you should take some time to seek inspiration outside your industry in order to come up with effective and creative solutions.

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