3 Must-Have Tools for Responsive Design

Without a doubt, there are a number of tools that can be used to build a website but the best of the lot are those that help you write better code, make use of web technology, plan the creation of the website better and importantly test or present your responsive design to your clients too.

So, here are 3 must-have tools for responsive website design:

#1: Your Browser

This is probably the most important tool that you could have since it clearly displays how your website looks under certain conditions. While there’s debate over whether it’s better design directly in your browser as opposed to in Photoshop or GIMP but one question delivers the verdict: Will your user browse your site using Photoshop or GIMP?

Yes, it’s important to get rid of the detailed mockups that clients are used and install a browser for this purpose.

#2: Drawing App from Google Drive

Wireframing your website and apps could be done with just about any vector-based editor. However, the drawing app offered by Google Drive is better for a couple of reason than most editors.

Yes, we’re talking about sharing and collaboration that Google does best as well as its feature of automatic guides that are created based on the dimensions of each object placed in the document. This works best for designers who are particular about grids.

#3: Responsinator

This tool displays your website in a number of sizes and imitates device sizes and contexts. Of course, this isn’t for your but for your client’s benefit which will show them how their site looks on a laptop or desktop monitor. While there are a number of tools such as this one, Responsintor stands for the number of device it tries to replicate.

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